Compiling VMD without CUDA

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Today I learnt a very important lesson. A) Always make very clean when you recompile things B) keep working compiling procedures even when you will remember for sure what you did and why.

Because I needed a VMD installation without CUDA (My laptop has simply o NVIDIA chip), i tried to recompile VMD using all the combinations of configure options possible. No sucess. The weird thing: There is no error message, just the main window does not pop up. Several Mailing-lists posts indicated problems with TCL and other things but no proposed workarounf helped. Then I noticed the fatal mistake: make clean removes only very little of the generated files. Half compatible things (I have no clue which) prevent the installation from working at all!!

The whole endeavour was sought to run VMD on an Ubuntu 14.04

Followig configure options work out


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